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Welcome to our ElfQuest Fan Fiction trailer site! We hope it delights old fans and entices new ones to fall in love with the world of two moons.

Both of us have been fans of EQ since we were little girls, and this project is a complete labor of love. We are working actresses and producers in the New Media circle and when we discovered our shared lifelong love for this series we were spurred to action. ElfQuest showed us the heroines that we could aspire to become and its magic shaped us, ultimately leading us into the creative entertainment sphere. So we owe it a lot! (read the whole series here at www.elfquest.com)

Self-published in the 1970's, ElfQuest was a pioneer in the comics scene and this transmedia project represents our hope to champion it to new horizons.

We hope you watch, enjoy and share this trailer with your friends. Our goal is to create new fans and give existing ones a taste of the world we've loved for so long.

Shade and Sweetwater,
Paula & Stephanie




Stephanie is an actor, producer and content creator.  Born and raised in Vancouver, she studied at Oxford and received a Master's Degree from the University of Toronto.  She's been a driving force as a producer and actor in numerous web projects including the critically acclaimed After Judgment, NYTVF official selection Asylum, Babelgum's Hurtling Through Space, and just wrapped the fan fiction trailer ElfQuest which was recently featured in the New York Times.  Her web acting credits also include guest appearances in the long-running Elevator and The Temp Life. Stephanie was thrilled to host the second Celebrate the Web event during ComicCon 2010: an interactive forum for genre web creators and fans.  Stephanie continues to work in TV/film and garnered Best Actress in a Drama at the NYFilmFest. She most recently starred in the Parsec Award-winning GOLD spin-off Night of the Zombie King, for which she was nominated as Best Supporting Actress by Indie Intertube in 2011. 


PAULA RHODES @paula_rhodes

Paula dove into the web world in 2009 when she teamed up with Brett Register and Rick Rey to bring a BBC pilot presentation to life. Their next project was the ITVFest official selection A Good Knight's Quest, and 24 episodes later they continue to collaborate on upcoming projects. She's a series regular on the popular series Hollywood Wasteland, and has appeared in episodes of BlackBox TV, Elevator, Ask A Ninja, and was nominated for Best Guest Star for her appearance in the season finale of Bumps in the Night (along with Best Actress in a Comedy for A Good Knight's Quest) for the Indie Intertube Awards. Most recently, she's teamed up with Stephanie Thorpe to bring ElfQuest, a beloved comic from their childhood, to life in a fan fiction trailer. Paula continues to work in film/TV/commercials, but has loved the creative freedom and opportunity to wear the many hats one can only find in the online world.